Sal D’Agnillo Songwriter Endowment

The Sal D’Agnillo Songwriter Endowment is a full-ride scholarship to one weekend of Lamb’s Retreat for Songwriters. It is awarded to one songwriter who would like to experience the retreat but hasn’t the means to attend.

Sal D’Agnillo

Sal D’Agnillo is a singer-songwriter and guitarist born in 1967. From the time he was 16 until his early 20s, Sal played lead guitar for his brother John D. Lamb. His musicianship can be heard on the 1990 recording of Live at Legs. He also appears on John D. Lamb’s albums A Novel Day and Feel That. Sal developed his solo act, performing originals and cover songs with his acoustic guitar. As a lead guitarist, Sal and his Fender Stratocaster did stints with various rock bands throughout the region, particularly Crowbar Hotel and Ann B. Davis. His band Bermuda Mohawk recorded an album of Sal’s songs. From the inception of Lamb’s Retreat in 1995, Sal assisted his brother and ran sound, mixing the PA System from the back of the Fireside Room at the Birchwood Inn, Harbor Springs. Sal D’Agnillo’s journey as a musician should resonate deeply with many. He had the ability to connect with audiences, whether through the strum of his guitar or the heartfelt lyrics of his songs. He rejoined his brother’s band in the early-2000s until his death in 2007.

Sam Wilson

The 2024 recipient of The Sal D’Agnillo Songwriter Endowment is Sam Wilson of Howell, Michigan. She says, “…Ever since I started writing, I’ve dreamt of joining my friends at your retreats, though financial challenges made it seem like just a dream…I especially hope to honor Sal’s memory in my own small way.”

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